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Mechanica speakers front and side view

concrete speakers that Look and Sound like no other

Introducing our handmade open-back dipole speaker system. First Edition limited to 5 sets.
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Open Concrete Casing

Our concrete casings provide the rigidity, density and mass required for high-end dipole sonic performance. Open-back speakers produce sound forwards and backwards simultaneously to create a unique sense of acoustic staging. They are renowned for creating rich, natural and accurate sound in any listening environment.

Steel Stand

Each casing is supported by a ferro powder-coated 7mm laser cut steel base.


SEAS fabric dome tweeters (Norway) are unparalleled in terms of their clarity and definition. Solid metal front plates ensure perfect linear frequency response, injection-moulded rear chambers eradicate chamber resonance and the double magnet system increases sensitivity and control of the voice coil.


Satori midrange drivers (Denmark) are purposefully selected for their subtlety and realism. Egyptian papyrus cones and extended copper sleeves ensure low inductance, non-conductive fibreglass voice coils provide zero damping and neodymium motors sit within vented cast aluminium chassis to provide optimum strength and zero compression.


Eminence woofers (USA) deliver remarkably tight bass due to the efficiency of their premium neodymium magnets. Their formidable 15-inch size delivers a uniquely deep and articulate bass when paired with our open loudspeaker design.
Mechanica Studio crossover


Our crossovers direct sound frequencies to the appropriate driver and synchronise frequencies to reach the listener at the perfect moment to provide unparalleled sound staging. Their passive proprietary design comprises class-leading components to ensure accurate delivery of the original sound as intended by the performing artist.
Mechanica Studio speaker black
Black Concrete on Black Stand
Mechanica Studio speaker black and white stand
Black Concrete on White Stand
Mechanica Studio speaker white and black stand
White Concrete on Black Stand
Mechanica Studio speaker white
White Concrete on White Stand


Edition One is available in either black or white concrete with a black or white stand.
Mechanica Studio speaker cableMechanica Studio speaker in backMechanica Studio speaker in frontMechanica Studio crossover Mechanica Studio crossover

System Summary

Mechanica Edition One ships with a left & right concrete loudspeaker, two steel stands, two passive crossovers and two 5-metre lengths of 6-core hand-woven acoustic cable.

Plug & play with any stereo input source from 50W/channel.
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USD 11,500
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